Walter Naugus, also known as Ixis Naugus, is a powerful magician who seeks to become the ruler of the Kingdom of Acorn.


Physical AppearanceEdit

Naugus' appearance is mostly humanoid,  though his body is covered with a coat of peach/light brown-colored fur and his eyes are red. His right hand is completely normal, but his left resembles a lobster claw, though both are covered by gray gloves. These are matched by a pair of boots, and Naugus' wardrobe also includes a black cape and a plain suit underneath-this has been shown to be blue on some occasions and purple on others. Other indications of Naugus' non-human nature are the horn sprouting from the top of his head, a long white beard, sharp teeth and his large, pointed ears. He is described as an anthropomorphic hybrid of bat, lobster, and rhinoceros.




Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Magic




Background in Other MediaEdit



See AlsoEdit

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