Naruto, Bleach, Korra, and Sonic: The Anime Series is an action-packed animated series that focuces on the characters of the Naruto seriesBleach seriesLegend of Korra series, and Sonic the Hedgehog series working together as a common force against many old enemies and even several new enemies.


Fifteen months after the Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto and the Allied Shinobi Forces had managed to bring the Five Great Shinobi Countires together more than anyone has and has lived in peace and trained to grow stronger at the same time.


Main CharactersEdit

Team GuyEdit

Team KurenaiEdit

Team TakaEdit

Konohagakure ShinobiEdit

Sunagakure ShinobiEdit

Kumogakure ShinobiEdit

Kirkigakure ShinobiEdit

Iwagakure ShinobiEdit

Land of Iron SamuraiEdit

The Tailed BeastsEdit

Gotei 13Edit

The VisoredEdit



Zanpakuto SpiritsEdit

Humans in the Human WorldEdit

United Republic of NationsEdit

Air NationEdit

Water TribeEdit

United Earth NationsEdit

Fire NationEdit

Spirit WorldEdit

New Freedom FightersEdit

The Chaotix AgencyEdit

Team FutureEdit

The Babylon RougesEdit

Guardian Unit of Nations (G.U.N.)Edit

The Ancient FightersEdit

Humans (Sonic the Hedgehog Series)Edit

Supporting CharactersEdit


Main AntagonistsEdit

The VanderichEdit

The AkatsukiEdit

The Orochimaru BandEdit


  • Hollows
  • Fishbone
  • Grand Fisher
  • Menos Grande-classes
    • Gillian
    • Adjuchas
    • Vasto Lorde

The ArrancarsEdit

Team SeigenEdit



Military of the Earth EmpireEdit

Bending TriadsEdit

The EqualistsEdit

Eggman EmpireEdit

Team MetalEdit

The Black ArmsEdit

The Nocturnus ClanEdit

Team HooliganEdit

The Deadly SevenEdit

Suppression SquadEdit

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Cast and CrewEdit


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Fights and EventsEdit

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Video GamesEdit


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